The students Symphony Orchestra of Songjiang District was inaugurated.

Shanghai Songjiang Education Bureau    2014-10-14 14:54:00

On the morning of November 9th, the students Symphony Orchestra of Songjiang District was officially inaugurated. Yafei Sheng, Secretary of Party Committee in Songjiang District, and Houqing Yin, inspector of Shanghai Municipal Education Bureau, attended the unveiling ceremony. Qian Shen, Ping Su, Huaizhi Yang, leaders of Songjiang District, and others also attended the ceremony.

Houqing Yin addressed the ceremony on behalf of Shanghai Municipal Education Bureau and congratulated on the establishment of the Symphony Orchestra. Jiesheng Xu, Secretary of Party Committee of Songjiang Education Bureau hosted the ceremony. Xiaohua Chen, director of Songjiang Education Bureau gave a speech on the preparation for the Orchestra.

On the unveiling ceremony, students played many classics, such as, Good News from Beijing to the Frontier, Carmen Overture, and Radetzky March. Representatives from kindergartens, primary schools, junior and senior schools attended the ceremony.

Since 2003, the popularization of western music has been launched in Songjiang District. In 2006, Students String Orchestra was founded in Songjiang Youth Activity Center. Students Symphony Orchestra made its debut on the celebration of Children’s Day in 2012.


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