District Government signed a protocol on government-university cooperative education with Donghua University

Shanghai Songjiang Education Bureau    2014-10-28 14:55:00

On the afternoon of December 24th in the year of 2013, the government of Songjiang District signed a protocol on government-university cooperative education with Donghua University. According to the protocol, Songjiang District will open an integrated school of nine years with Donghua University. The school will recruit students from next September.

Taiwei Yu, the chief of Songjiang District, signed the protocol with Mingzhi Xu, the chancellor of Donghua University. Ping Su, the vice chief of Songjiang District, hosted the signing ceremony.

Members in the leading group, such as Fuzhang Yu, Secretary of Party Committee of Songjiang Education Bureau, and Jiesheng Xu, director of Songjiang Education Bureau, attended the ceremony.

Taiwei Xu said: “The cooperation with Donghua University is conducive to take the advantage of the resources provided by the university town in Songjiang. It can also make up for the gap between the scarcity of basic education and the development of economy and society. Cooperative education will provide a new way for the development of education in Songjiang.” He also hoped for the success in the brand new cooperation of running the school with Donghua University.

Mingzhi Xu expressed that Donghua University had received many powerful endorsements from Songjiang government since her settling in Shanghai ten years ago. Meanwhile, he expected to enhance the reputation of Donghua University through the mode of cooperative education and to play an active role in the educational development in Songjiang District.


Author:Shanghai Songjiang Education Bureau

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